8 April 2018
Nursultan Nazarbayev's congratulations on Easter

Dear compatriots!

With all my heart, I congratulate on a bright holiday of Easter!

On this spring day, the hearts of people in different parts of the world are filled with special warmth, joy and hope. Timeless values ​​of love, kindness and mercy symbolizing Easter are equally near and dear to all the inhabitants of our nation.

Peaceful work, calm and balanced interaction of representatives of all religious denominations is the main wealth of Kazakhstan, which we need to treasure and step up.

Signalling renovation and belief in the best, this holiday festivity is in tune with the spirit of transformations that are carried out in all spheres of our society. The Easter’s high moral meaning inspires us to do peaceful things, thereby strengthening the humanitarian fundamental concepts of our life.

May peace and quiet be in your families!

I wish everyone good health, happiness and prosperity!

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