1 July 2007
President Nursultan Nazarbayev Visits the Islamic Cultural center “Nur Astana”

The President talked to a group of Muslim spiritual leaders headed by supreme mufti Absattar-Khaji Derbisali of the spiritual directorate of Kazakhstan’s Muslims. The President also viewed a new hostel for madrasah scholars opened at the Islamic Center.

The three-storied building of the hostel combines living rooms, a dining room, guest rooms, and service rooms.

On the same day, the President visited a new hippodrome “Altyn taga”, and attended “Qazanat” equestrian sport competitions devoted to the Capital Day.

The holiday’s program included a Kokpar (national equestrian sport) match between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan teams, flat races for 2400 meters, qyz quu and a horsemen show.

The hippodrome of European class was built on the left embankment of the Ishim River. The distances of its racecourse and race-track are equal to 1800 and 1600 meters respectively. The field is protected with low-traumatic cover in order to avoid danger to horses and horsemen.

The hippodrome is also equipped with an additional field for Kokpar and other national equestrian sports.

Today, the President also visited a concert of the Georgia National ballet named after Sukhishvili, which was held in the Congress Hall in the framework of Tbilisi days in Astana.

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